Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

A Dingy Snowflake

Some of my favorite Christmas tree decorations are crocheted snowflakes I’ve had for about 25 years.  They’re so nicely starched and shaped that I hate to wash them—so I haven’t!  Every year when I get them out to put them on the tree, I am appalled at how gray and dingy they have become, especially when placed beside newer ones. BUT when I hang them on the tree, they look fine.  White enough in contrast with the green of the tree. 


When I read Isaiah 6 this morning (and then heard a sermon on it later in the same day!), I noticed again how Isaiah only realized his own sinfulness when he was confronted with God’s absolute holiness.  Until then, he probably thought he was fine—certainly much better than the corrupt Israelites all around him. 

What about me?  How holy am I?  Am I comparing myself with others or with God?  Oh Lord, show me how you see me.  Then break me, cleanse me, and use me to share Your message of light and hope in this dark world.


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