Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Playing with a Purpose

Every evening my husband and I enjoy a few rounds of the Internet game, Wordsplay.  It’s on the order of Boggle.  We compete with people around the world—maybe 50-100 of them at a time, depending on how many are playing.  Each player chooses a “name”—usually not their real one.  We are delighted when we see someone who calls themself “Phil 4:19” or “God is love.”  We’d love to know who they are,  where they live, and all the details of their lives.  They are our brothers and sisters in Christ who are anonymous to us for this time.


It’s been even more fun recently since we figured out how to join a team called “Jesus is Sovereign.”  Some of the others on this team are “Truth” and “Way” and “Thankful” as well as “Alex” and “Barbie.”   We call ourselves “Blest.”   Sometimes our team even comes out on top when our scores are all added together! 

Why do I love this game?

–Word games are a lot of fun, and maybe it will help prevent Alzheimer’s Smile.

–It’s a reminder that we’re part of God’s family spread all around the world. We look forward to meeting our teammates someday in heaven.  (If you’re one of them, please let me know!)

–We hope that the team name, “Jesus is Sovereign,” will be a witness to people who haven’t yet joined God’s Worldwide Team!

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