Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Last night at supper we discussed with our grandchildren (two of which are twins) the birth of twins in the Bible:

Me:  When Jacob was born after Esau, what was he doing?  (Expected answer:  Holding Esau’s heel.)

Simeon:  Making soup!

I guess he skipped ahead a few years in his thought process.  But it got me to thinking again about the role of the firstborn in the Bible.

Of course, we know that the firstborn got twice the inheritance, and (at least in some cases) a more special blessing.  But when it comes right down to it, it seems that non-firstborns may figure more prominently in salvation history and generally in the  Old Testament stories.  We know that none of the following was a firstborn:

Abel or Seth
Joseph (OT)

As the firstborn in my family, I would love to think of the firstborn being blessed.  But I’m more intrigued by the way God turns things topsy-turvy, laying his blessing on men and women “after His own heart”—those who are “friends of God,” regardless of birth order—and a lot of other things.  


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