Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

No Need to Understand

I am puzzled by Christians who allow themselves to be persuaded that God required long periods of time to make the earth and the universe.  Doesn’t He have the ability to do it all in one fell swoop (i.e. in six days)?  Or that he has the ability to make things that appear to have been around for some time (i.e. appearance of age).  Can’t we just believe that He did it even though our minds cannot grasp just how it was done?   Isn’t God greater than our own understanding?

I am also puzzled by Christians who focus on arguing between the extremes of predestination and free will, between various eschatological theories, and other mysteries that the Lord has chosen not to make fully clear in the Scripture.  Can’t we humbly accept that God’s plan contains mysteries beyond what He has chosen to make known to us?  Can’t we accept the possibility that a brother’s position might be as valid as the one we have chosen?  Can’t we focus instead on loving our Christian brothers and sisters, obeying the Lord, and growing in the knowledge of what has been clearly revealed in the Scriptures?

I don’t know how God made the universe, but I’m glad he did and am enjoying living here Smile.

I don’t understand exactly how He works in people’s hearts to make them His children, but I’m glad he chose me and drew me to respond to Him Smile.

I don’t know when Christ will return and what will happen before that, but I’m looking forward to meeting Him and being with Him forever.  And then, for all eternity, maybe I’ll learn the secrets to these mysteries.  It will be greater than anyone has ever guessed—or argued about.

How deep are the wealth and wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unfathomable his judgments;
How unsearchable his ways!
Who has known the mind of the Lord?
Who has been his mentor?
Who has made a gift to him first, and earned a gift in return?
For from him and through him and for him all things exist.
To him be glory for ever!  Amen  (Romans 11:33-36)


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