Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Being God’s Friend

When I die, I would love for my gravestone to bear the epitaph, “A friend of God.”  This is what God himself said of Abraham. (Isaiah 41:8 & James 2:23). And Jesus assured his disciples that they were his friends if they obeyed him and because he confided in them.  (John 15:14-15)

Can I be so audacious as to claim to be a friend of God?  What does it say about God that he would stoop to befriend a flawed human being?  While some religions consider this either absurd or blasphemy, it is at the heart of Christianity.   I want to be God’s friend.

In the human context, a  friend is someone …

–whom I enjoy being with

–whom I confide in, including my joys, hopes, concerns, hurts, etc.

–whose opinion and esteem I treasure

–whose reputation I strive to protect and enhance

–with whom I share the most important values

–with whom I reciprocally give and receive good things

–who I can trust to act in my best interests

How do all these carry over into friendship with God?  Very well, I think… Smile

A few songs that I know revel in this wonder.  Here are some lines that ring through my head:

“It’s so good to get to know You as my Friend”!”

“My God and I walk through the fields together…we walk and talk as good friends should and do.”

“A friend of Jesus—oh, what bliss that a sinner such as I should have a Friend like this….”


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