Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

Psalm 139 is a great one to read on one’s birthday, as my sister suggested several years ago. I did this yesterday.  That, together with a song I heard in the morning (“It’s so nice to get to know you as my Friend”) warmed my heart with God’s love in a special way on my special day.

In the Bible I’m marking up for my granddaughter, I made the following notations on this Psalm:

Verses 1-6   God sees and knows me completely.  He is all-knowing.  I must be transparent.

Verses 7-12  God is with me continuously.  He is all-present.  I am secure.

Verses 13-16  God made me marvelously and planned out every day of my life.  He is all-powerful.  I am special.

Verses 17-18  God keeps me in His loving thoughts and in His presence.  I am overwhelmed!

Comments on: "A Birthday Message from God" (1)

  1. Thanks for the birthday thoughts. I’m reading this and looking forward to a birthday of my own on Saturday. Blessings!

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