Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

The other day I picked up this poster in the original Pony Express station in the town where we’re staying now. 

Pony Express poster

The Pony Express operated in 1860-1861. In addition to the qualifications listed on the poster, we found the following on the Internet:  “[The riders] had to be of light weight, with a constitution of iron that they might ride through storms of hail, snow, ice and sleet, over snow-capped mountains, across burning sands of alkali desert, through terrific and torrential streams, past the deadly lurking savage foe, carrying mail always into the west and back to the east.”  Wow! 

I am struck by the similarity between this recruitment and God’s call to service, particularly overseas:

–Bringing “letters” —but God’s are much more important and urgent!

–Leaving the familiar, heading for the unfamiliar

–Commitment—others are depending on us

–Willing to risk death daily

–Excellence (expert riders; giving our best to the Master)

–Young (don’t wait till we’re worn out to serve the Lord)

–“Orphans preferred”—we must loosen our home ties

–A team effort.  None of these fellows could go the whole distance.  Each would go about 50 miles and then hand the mailbags off to the next one.


Comments on: "Pony Express Qualifications" (1)

  1. Lynette White said:

    What a great analogy!

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