Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

God’s Wonderful World

Last night I enjoyed a great cup of coffee, but it was too late in the evening to not affect my sleep.  While waiting to doze off, I took the opportunity to mentally review the content of Psalm 104 which I’d read that morning.

Our whole family memorized this psalm when the kids were little. It’s a guided tour of God’s wonderful creation—from astronomy (the skies) to geology and topography (the earth, mountains, etc.), hydrology (springs, streams, rain), botany (grass, trees, and cultivated plants), zoology (birds, goats, and hyraxes).  Then back to the cycles of life marked by the moon and the sun.  Then off to oceanography–the ocean with its vast variety of large and small creatures.

God’s glory is seen in the fact that he provides for all of these creatures, determines the length of their lives—and delights in all that he has made!  All of this evokes the highest praise from the epitome of creation—you and me!  I want to keep my eyes open to each detail of my Father’s artistry and loving care—like that orange lily lying by the back gate and the power of last night’s thunderstorm.


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  1. Robert Litzenberger said:

    I too am “awed” by God’s creation. The earth truly does show the handiwork of God. I was reflecting on that just the other day. I thought about how much bigger than me the earth and universe are. I am constantly surrounded by them just like I am constantly surrounded by my Savior and my God.

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