Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

The other day I heard that three friends in ministry in the country where I work missed by just 10 minutes being on a bus that collided head-on with a tanker truck.  Along with a prayer of thanks for sparing them, I acknowledge once more God’s sovereignty over the affairs of mankind.

This, I believe, is the theme of the book of Daniel, which I’ve been reading recently.  The very second verse of the book says that God gave Nebuchadnezzar victory over Judah and permitted him to take sacred objects from the Temple of God!

Even pagan kings like Nebuchadnezzar had to acknowledge God’s rule over the affairs of men, kings and kingdoms.  He saw a glimpse of this when he had three godly men thrown into a fire but evidently didn’t learn his lesson very well.  Because  in chapter 4, it is repeated several times that this king would have to learn the hard way that “the Most High rules over the kingdoms of the world and gives them to anyone he chooses.”  Darius also acknowledged this in 6:26 when he discovered Daniel alive after a night with the hungry lions!

The last half of the book, which predicts future events that God has determined also demonstrates God’s sovereignty.  This is a great comfort to me when I see the world falling apart around me.

Though earthquakes and tsunamis may come,

though terrorists may do their worst,

though the economy collapse,

though moral decay destroy our society,

though solar flares and other environmental conditions threaten,

“God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever!”  He is still in control. He is working in all of these things to fulfill his perfect plan.  And I have the privilege to be a part of that!


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