Glimpses of grace seen in the everyday

A few weeks ago I shared with you my favorite book, Streiker’s Bride.  Today I’d like to tell you about another that ranks right up there with it.  Like Streiker’s Bride, it is an analogy that powerfully portrays spiritual truth.

Israel My Beloved, by Kay Arthur, is the story of Sarah, who symbolizes the nation of Israel/Judah.  It begins during the years recorded in Kings and 2 Chronicles when the nation left her real Husband and went chasing after false lovers, who later betrayed her.  Her sad story continues through the centuries and even millenia until the future return of her Husband to reclaim her and rule the earth.

Here are some reasons why I like this book so well, though it takes a while to get into it and to get used to the idea that the same woman lives for several thousand years:

–I learned a lot of history from Israel’s perspective—how they have been haunted and hunted, fleeing from one oppressor to another, never finding the rest and peace they so long for.  I am beginning to understand why many of them may be skeptical and bitter.

–God grieves as a bereft husband when his wife abandons him.  He will not force her to stay or to return.  I want to ponder more on how God allows Himself to be either grieved or delighted by my attitude and actions.

–God’s love for Israel and total commitment to ultimately fulfill his plans for her are powerfully expressed.  His plan will succeed in the end, no matter what people do.


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