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A Work of Beauty

This week we took two of our granddaughters (aged 6 and 9) to paint pottery–our first experience with this kind of thing.  The girls labored lovingly over their creations, doing their very best.  But when they were done, the paint was dull and brush-strokes were obvious.  And the green lines that had been made to guide the painting stood out like a sore thumb.

But when we went today to pick up the finished items, we were could hardly believe the difference that the glazing and firing (by professionals!) had made–how smooth, shiny and  beautiful they looked!

My first thought was of my work for the Lord.  As much as I try to do my best, it’s always flawed.  I’m not “the best” in my skills and abilities.  My attitudes and motives are not always what they should be. Or I’m just clumsy and embarrassing in my attempts to do what I thought God wanted me to do.

I like to think that God takes my feeble attempts, glazes them with His grace, and fires them in His furnace—burning off the unsightly fumbles, smoothing out the wrinkles, and finally bringing out a beautiful masterpiece—HIS work!  That will be The Day!


Comments on: "A Work of Beauty" (3)

  1. Margie Keiser said:

    Donna, what a poignant and meaningful word picture of God taking our feeble attempts and glazing them with His grace and firing them to make them transformed! Thank you for all your excellent writings. Margie

  2. Harold J. Berry said:

    I like your work, Donna. It glorifies God and motivates us to keep climbing.

    Harold (& Donna)

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